Imagine a pristine tropical world that the modern world has passed by…




A world that...

has just been discovered by the international tourist and described as an eco-tourism paradise… unpolluted and totally organic.

Vanuatu is an emerging nation...

and one of the newest members of the prestigious World Trade Organisation

Vanuatu is a welcoming nation...

for your investment, and where your investment is projected to provide a higher Return On Investment to you the investor, and at the same time will truly have an immediate impact to assist the local population.




An Ethical Investment

that will immediately start to produce both agricultural and tourism benefit.




A passive investment:

but where you as an Investor will be secured at all times by a legal real estate Title.

A nation embarking on...

one of today’s largest single ecotourism and organic agriculture expansions via the first direct flights from the largest growing consumer market in Asia.

A nation that...

in the most recent time has 4G internet connection and Pacific Undersea Cable.  It is reported to have a time link of only 49 milliseconds to the world’s international commerce centres of New York, London, Beijing, Sydney and Auckland.

International property developer and Trade Commissioner

for the Republic of Vanuatu

Richard Butler

provides free

10 secret reasons

why you should consider investing in tourism and agriculture developments in the Republic of Vanuatu in 2018.

Please give me access to the 10 secret reasons PDF immediately:

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