A Rare Opportunity To
Get Second Citizenship
While Earning ‘Hands-Off’ Passive Investment With Organic Agricultural Property Investment...

...In The Republic Of Vanuatu – The Real Tropical Paradise.

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An agricultural property developer offers a chance to become a citizen of Vanuatu via its Agricultural property investment.

Through this program, you don’t need to pay $150,000 plus fees to acquire your Vanuatu citizenship. The cost for your second passport and citizenship is included in your investment.

Owning second citizenship as a ‘bonus’ for investing in a property that provides a passive income – sounds good, right?

You bet, it is.

However, as what you’ve read on the headline, this is a ‘rare’ opportunity. It’s extremely limited.

In fact, it’s only available for 10 applicants.

So you have to act fast or risk missing out completely! 

From the desk of Richard Butler
11 December 2019 

In recent years, the latest status symbol for rich people is no longer a private jet, yacht, and hotel.

If you noticed this trend, you know that rich people are looking for a second passport in a foreign country, far away from their current home.

In the last decade, perhaps it was nothing more than a travel document that provides freedom to travel anywhere for people from countries with limited visa options.

But today, it has switched into a luxury item that shows your friends you can afford it.

In fact, for the super-wealthy, they don’t stop with just two passports. Owning the third or even the fourth has become another trophy for them.

Most of them are spending more than $200,000 and it can be as high as 1 million to get their second citizenship.

At first, it might sound crazy. But if we try to find out the reason why they are so enthusiastic about getting their second passport, it’s actually worth the big money they’ve invested.

Second Citizenship Is A Plan B
For You And Your Family

If you look at what happened today on the news, we know the future is not okay.

From South Africa to Iran, from USA post Trump travel-ban to British citizens following Brexit concerns. We see the same pattern.

If you’re like me, you start to think - what if something happens? What would happen to me and my family in the future?

Owning second citizenship is a Plan B that allows you to quickly escape from your country if something bad happens in the future.

It gives you peace of mind knowing you can simply pick up and leave overnight with your family, and continue your life in a different country.

That’s not all.

There are more benefits you can expect if you own second citizenship. For example:

• You can live and travel frequently between two different countries. Should you choose to become a citizen of Vanuatu, you can travel here without applying for a visa, and once you’re here, you can stay in this tropical paradise for as long as you want.

• New business opportunity. If you have second citizenship in a country with a booming economy like the Republic of Vanuatu, it’ll give you a new business opportunity especially in the tourism and agriculture industries, the two largest industries for investment in Vanuatu.

• Securing your retirement. Nothing feels better than enjoying your golden age in a warm tropical country where you can live more for less. Yes, this is what your retirement will look like should you own second citizenship in a country like the Republic of Vanuatu. You can live like royalty, and enjoy your life to its fullest.

I know, not all the countries that offer second citizenship are offering the same benefits as I mentioned above.

Aside from Vanuatu, I don’t know

But since you’ve read this far, I assume you’re interested in owning second citizenship in Vanuatu.

That said, allow me to introduce this small nation to you.

Vanuatu - The Tropical Island Paradise You’ve Been Looking For.

Imagine a place with a nearly-perfect tropical climate, a clear sky, azure blue sea, and spectacular scenery almost everywhere you look, which is so stunning you don’t need a camera filter to capture its beauty on camera.

A travel destination that’s so popular among travel enthusiasts, that they often compare its beauty to the Maldives.


Despite the fact that it’s one of the most loved travel destinations in the south Pacific…

The Crime Rate Is
Extremely Low.

It’s safe to walk alone in the night - even for tourists.

And there’s no terrorism reported in this country. Heck, the terrorists won’t even be able to find this country on the map.

Even better, as an ex British Commonwealth country, Vanuatu is an independent country that offers high personal security for you and your family.

Now, here’s what’s really interesting…

The Government is
Income Tax Friendly.

Yes, you read that right. No personal or corporate income tax.

That includes no exchange controls, no death duties, no withholding tax, and no capital gains tax. No tax on bank interest.

If you’ve read about this country before, you might know about this:

Vanuatu Has Been Voted As ‘The Happiest Place In The World’ Several Times.

It’s not surprising if you look at the facts I mentioned above.

What’s more, if you’d like to live in a friendly community where people smile and say hello when they pass in the streets, it’s still happening almost anywhere in Vanuatu.


Ni Vanuatu -- The Friendly Local People of Vanuatu                   

The people are so nice they won’t even accept your tip. For them, tipping or bargaining goes against the local tradition. A smile or just a simple ‘thank you’ is considered tip enough.
Sounds interesting, right?
Now, let’s dig deeper into this country.

More Details About The Republic Of Vanuatu

Not Just Spectacular Scenery, But Also A Booming Economy…

Today, Vanuatu is a member of the World Trade Organisation, and has received approximately $500M in infrastructure development grants and loans in just a few short years.

The country has now opened many trading doors to foreign investors to invest in their country.

Today, it might still be undiscovered to many foreign investors… But once the world finally turns their attention to this small nation, many investors will start to consider to invest in Vanuatu.

And it would happen very soon.

Vanuatu has signed an agreement to become a part of China’s Belt and Road initiative, or which previously known as One Belt One Road.

As a part of China’s Belt and Road initiative, Vanuatu will receive huge benefits from this agreement.

In the tourism sector, this agreement could bring over 500,000 tourists and investors coming from the Pacific rim countries in the next few short years.


Vanuatu Prime Minister Salwai with China president Xi Jinping (one belt one road agreement)

And in the trade sector, China’s Belt and Road Initiative will help shorten the distance between each country, which could help Vanuatu expand trade and stimulating economic growth.

At the time I write this message, it’s just 12 months left until Vanuatu elevates from the UN's list of the Least Developed Countries of the world.

And with support from the collective of Pacific Rim governments and the members of the World Trade Organisation, Vanuatu’s future is exciting.

So today is the right time to consider to relocate youtself, your family, and your business to the Republic of Vanuatu.

If you feel like this is right for you, here’s the good news…

The Vanuatu Government Is Welcoming You With Open Arms Via Their Citizenship-by-Investment Programme.

To apply to this program, a minimum contribution of US$150,000, plus US$10,000 in processing fees are required.

So in total, it costs US$160,000 for one citizenship.

In addition to that, there’s also another requirement; A minimum net worth of US$450,000 plus a clean police record, Interpol check, and health check.

If that makes you feel hesitant to get your second citizenship in Vanuatu, there’s a better solution for your situation…

I can help you have permanent residency in this country via our existing passive investment program.
I won't talk more about that here, but you can contact me using the avenues at the end of this message and I am happy to explain.

In case we haven’t met, my name is Richard Butler. I’m a two-times Trade Commissioner for Vanuatu (2012/2015 and 2017/2019). I'm the project manager for South Pacific Plantations Management Ltd with 40 years of real estate development experience.

As mentioned, for the last few years, we’ve been opening an opportunity for first-world investors to invest in Organic Agricultural Property, while also acquiring permanent residency in this peaceful paradise, which is included in the investment package.

However, now I am stepping it up to offer an (as far as I know) completely unique opportunity,


You’ll Get A Second Citizenship In Vanuatu, PLUS Earning Passive Income from Agricultural Investment.

Sounds good?

If you take this offer, the cost of citizenship and passport for one person will be funded by the investment. No extra to pay for the citizenship!

And the best part…

With our service holding your hand, you can have a fully legal second citizenship in Vanuatu in as little as 30 to 60 days.

If you’re interested in this offer, let me tell you more about it…

Here’s How It Works

To be qualified for our nothing-extra-for-citizenship in Vanuatu via our investment package, you only need to purchase 10 x 1 acre separately titled red papaya farmlets. That totals $500,000.

The investment itself is secured by real estate title, considered low risk and probably the safest form of investment.  It’s even better than gold since it can generate a stable yield year after year. 


Red Papaya Farm                                                           

“How about the investment value?” you might ask. 

A statistic shows that people's average daily calorie consumption keeps rising.

Yeah, right. People are eating more than ever before. Since 1964, the average calorie per day consumption is up a staggering 24.6%.

Now, here’s what’s really interesting…

Considering the fact above, you might be thinking the amount of arable land per person is also on the rise, right?

Well, that’s not true. In fact, it’s actually the opposite.

The World Bank has released data that shows the global average of arable land per person has been on a downward trend since 1992.

And guess what…

Since 1964, only once has the global average of arable land per person gone up in a single year. Yes, only once.

Every other year during that time, the average has been on a downward spiral. This is why the world wide demand for agricultural property keeps growing and growing.

And again, compared to gold, agricultural investment comes up trumps.

While gold is experiencing a levelling in value after 12 years of solid gains, farmland has achieved steady positive results every year for the last 20 years!

Sounds interesting, right?

And remember, you not only stand to gain from the appreciation of the land itself, but you can also earn a steady flow of additional income from the food it produces year after year.

The only disadvantage of investing in agricultural property by owning a farmlet is; If you want to earn income from your farm, you have to manage the farm, which of course requires knowledge and experience.

But luckily for you, if you decide to take this offer, you don’t need to do it yourself.

Your property will be managed under a farmshare contract by our team who work together with the local people. Yes - we’ll do most of the heavy lifting, and you’ll get the profit.

And in case you’re wondering…

The Passive Income Is Projected At
10% Per Annum.

So it would be around $50,000 per year.

To summarize, here are all the benefits you can expect from this investment package:

1. Have a permanent residency in a tropical paradise via Agricultural property investment that provides a steady flow of passive income.

2. You will own 10 strata title 1 acre lot agricultural farmlets individually titled under your name.

3. Partner with South Pacific Plantations Management Ltd that will be your share-farm manager that handles everything starting from clearing the land, planting 400 red Hawaiian papaya trees on each lot, to selling the fruits for international export.

4. You can expect to earn a projected 10% of your total investment per annum… which would give you a passive income that’s more than enough to live comfortably in the Republic of Vanuatu.

5. Have a stable investment with a value that keeps increasing from time to time regardless of whether the economy is up or down.

6. And last but not least, you’ll also become a part of the Vanuatu advancement since this plantation project will impact the local population by providing jobs, education, and infrastructure.

Beautiful Espiegle Bay Malekula Island, site of South Pacific Plantations farmlets
Aerial view of "Port Vila", Vanuatu's Capital City

What Do You Say? Interested In Getting Your Second Citizenship That’s Paid From Your Investment In Our Investment Program?

If so, then here’s the deal:

To get this opportunity, you need to purchase 10 X 1-acre of fully share-farmed red papaya farmlets which we offer at US$500,000.

Obviously, the cost is a bargain since your investment includes:

• One Vanuatu citizenship and passport which normally costs US$150,000 plus fees, subsided by the development company from the famlet purchase

• At the time of applying, you can include your spouse and children to get an extra discounted price for getting the additional citizenship/s and passport/s.

• 400 Red Hawaiian Papaya Tress on each lot

• The cost of clearing the land

• The cost of farm management service

If you’re interested, you can contact me anytime so I can personally explain more about it.

I can be contacted on country code +61 417-007-792.

If you’re in Australia, you can call this number: 0417-0417-920.

If you’re in the US, you can call me via this number: 209 6764-513.

Or you can also reach out to me via email by clicking the button below:

Warning: Time Is A Factor

I don’t know how long this offer will be available. But I know it won’t be available for a long time.

Just consider this:

This offer is only limited for 10 approved applicants. And considering the fact that more and more people are interested in owning a second citizenship, you know that a sensational offer like this will be gone as quickly as people find out about it.

So if you feel like this is right for you, please contact me now and let’s talk more.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Looking forward to hearing from you and seeing you in Paradise.


Richard Butler

Disclaimer :

All returns projected are subject to climate and market conditions

All applicants for Passport & Citizenship are subject to Vanuatu migration department approval

All payments are directedly paid to Vanuatu law firm bank account