How Vanuatu Provides Smart Property Investment Options

In building up a portfolio, it is important to place money in a variety of investment vehicles. This means that aside from financial instruments such as stocks and bonds, investors should also venture in smart property investment options. In diversifying a portfolio, purchasing a property abroad is becoming a highly favoured option.

One of the rapidly rising centres for real estate investments is Vanuatu, an archipelagic nation near Australia in the South Pacific Ocean. It has an area of 12,190 square metres and total of 2,530 kilometres of coastline. With these, tourism services and activities garnered a huge amount of foreign investment in this island-nation.

Why Invest in Vanuatu?

As an emerging nation, it has a lot of potential in becoming a top tourist destination. The archipelago’s extensive coastline offers vast development opportunities. Property development in Vanuatu is currently at its peak, primarily with direct investments coming from Australia. This progress is aided by their membership in international organisations such as Pacific Community, Pacific Islands Forum, the United Nations and the World Trade Organisation.

Foreign investment in Vanuatu is embraced by the government because of its positive impact on the local population. With a population of 275,000 people made up of 90% natives (Ni-van) and 10% expats, this is a nation brimming with potential that is ready to be tapped. What’s more, its laws and economic policies ensures that investors get the best potential for their return on investment, whilst contributing to the economic and social development of the nation.

Business-minded people with a penchant for practising ethical investing can find the perfect investment option in this nation. The nation is known as an eco-tourism paradise because of its unpolluted environment and organic businesses in the area. In addition, foreign investments elevate the tourism of the country and provide employment for the locals.

  • Intelligent Investment Options

Foreign investors who choose to place their capital in real estate have several options for making the most out of their assets.

  • Property for Rent

Properties in the country have a higher value because of its location. The rising tourism in the nation means that there is a constant stream of tourists looking for accommodations. Moreover, the perks of renting a place near beautiful destinations and tourist activities can increase the price of rent for the property.

  • Retirement Home Abroad

Investors can choose to live in their real estate investment in Vanuatu. After working almost non-stop for decades, they definitely deserve a relaxing place for their retirement. Described as a paradise, the country can be the best choice for spending a fulfilled and luxurious life in.

  • Re-Selling for a Higher Market Value

The profitable location certainly increases the value of the property. However, investors can sell their estate at a much higher market value with improvements and further development on the property.

  • Develop into Business and Tourist Attractions

These properties can later be developed into resorts, water adventure hubs and other profitable and environment-friendly businesses.

Diversifying your portfolio should not be limited to local properties. Invest your money in foreign investments such as real estates in Vanuatu. In need of professional assistance? Vanuatu Invest can help in attaining a diverse and well-developed portfolio. Get in touch with their highly-qualified and friendly experts to know more about property investment in Vanuatu.